template vs. custom website design

Posted on March 27, 2008 by


Why use a custom designed website (and pay more) instead of a template for my website design?

I get this question pretty frequently – and it’s a valid one. For some, templates are the answer. In the last few years, designers have made great strides creating templates that are more appealing and more functional. Templates can be a quick fix when you need a site in a pinch. If you find the right one, creating your site can be cheap and fast.

However, one thing we encourage our clients to consider is not just their needs now, but where do they see their business going in the future? More importantly, how do they see their website keeping pace?

This is one of our main considerations when we begin working on a site. We always design with the future in mind. On more than one occasion a client has come to us in need of a basic, informative site. Within a year of their site’s launch they’ve returned to us with new ideas and updates for their site: e-commerce features, community forums, live chat, user info capture and more. Since we’ve designed the site with the client’s next steps in mind, we’ve always been able to easily integrate the new phases and features into the site without losing the integrity and groundwork that the client has already put into their site.

A custom-designed site grows with your business unlike any mass-marketed template. The ability of a site to meet your needs along each step is essential for every growing business, and that’s a consideration that is far more valuable than any quick fix solution.

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